Unwrap Comfort and Joy!

Discover a treasure trove of treats inside our beautifully wrapped Risen hampers.

The perfect special occasion spoil, each box is filled with a bounty of delicious delights, including our gourmet pastries and biscuits, homemade butters and jams, sparkling bubbly, specialty teas and coffees, and more.

If you’re looking for a last minute gift, this one takes the cake!

Risen Hampers

PREMIUM Festive Hamper
AED 299

  1. Traditional German Stollen
  2. Festive Fruit Brioche
  3. Risen roasted granola
  4. Risen Minced Pie
  5. Vanillekipferl
  6. Brunsli
  7. Ginger bread
  8. Christmas Rocky Road
  9. Mulled wine spice box
  10. Risen coffee bag
  11. Avancha Tea selection

Risen Hampers

DELUXE Festive Hamper
AED 499

  1. Spelt bread
  2. Traditional German Stollen
  3. Festive Fruit Brioche
  4. Vanillekipferl
  5. Brunsli
  6. Ginger bread
  7. Fruit and Nut Chocolate
  8. Christmas Rocky Road
  1. Mini Christmas Fruit Cake
  2. Risen Minced Pie
  3. Risen roasted granola
  4. Sparkling Grape juice
  5. Mulled wine spice box
  6. Risen coffee bag
  7. Avancha tea selection
  8. Membership card

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